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Florida Housing Availability Leading the Nation
Florida has roughly half the population of California but more vacant homes ready to be sold. In fact Florida has more immediately available vacant homes, over the one out of every six in the state, then any other state in the country.

Pro-rail forcestampa pro-rail forces launch counter attach by 83 Degrees Magazine - Tampa Bay's media sensation launch fierce counterattacks
Opposition forces deny reports of talks with Scott camp. Forces loyal to High Speed Rail used Twitter, Facebook, protests, and chants again this week to mount a fierce counterattack on the Governor-held city of Tallahassee, according to witness reports.


Day or rage in Tampa - by 83 Degrees Magazine - Tampa Bay's media sensation32 Deemed Unhip as Day of Rage Engulfs Tampa
At least 32 people were declared unhip for “not getting it” on high speed rail at a protest rally Monday that preceded a wave of flaming of Facebook and Twitter posts.

South Tampa Douche BagsSeminole Heights
Declares “No Douche Bag Zone

If you have been waiting for McDintons North to open up your hopes have been dashed because the Seminole Heights neighborhood has declared itself a no douche bag zone as of today.


Vegetarianism Outbreak Prompts Health Officials Into Action
An out break of vegetarianism in Florida is serving as a warning from local officials to residents on the silliness of political correctness.

Tampa Bay’s Stubborn 12% Unemployment
Florida’s job market is sickly, diseased, dying, clinging to life like a zombie is undead. But at least things are barely measurably better in the sunny paradise of Tampa Bay.

Hillsborough Economic Development Administration Under Construction
Florida’s job market is sickly, diseased, dying, clinging to life like a zombie is undead. But at least things are barely measurably better in the sunny paradise of Tampa Bay.

Affordable Housing on the Rise
Tampa and seven other dynamic progressive metro areas hit new highs in affordable housing at the end of 2010 promising a great new year full of opportunity.

Hillsborough to Super Size Economic Development
Hillsborough county heard a presentation Tuesday on the county’s issues and opportunities on attracting new business as they finally start to make small cosmetic efforts on addressing the devastated economy.

83 Degrees Tampa Magaizne MediaHousing Crisis  Averted

Naysayers recoil into your dark holes because there is no denying the housing market is strong.


83 Degrees Tampa Magaizne MediaChamber Partnership Offers Mortgage Assistance Plan
With half the Tampa Bay area mortgages in negative equity “The effective and dynamic growth business model of the Florida economy needs just a little nudge right now” Vince McKay of the Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership told Florida Legislators.

83 Degrees Tampa Magaizne MediaFlorida Senator Finds How to Balance State Budget
Florida State Senator Bill Maxim (R-South Tampa) has a new untapped and growing tax revenue source so strong it will balance the state budget. “We must look for new revenue sources, which we have found now, to avoid drastic cuts to our pork barrel spending,”

Economic Development Committee Opens New Business
A New Hard Rock Cafe will open at the site Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa within three months.

83 Degrees Tampa Magaizne Media83 Degrees Magazine Receives Community Excellence Award

Hit hard More Foreclosure Aid is Coming to Florida
Federal aid is coming to assist in the purchase and rehabilitation of foreclosed homes.

What Do You Think? Opinions from the Street

Unemployment Rising

Tampa Bay unemployment is up to 12.6% this month stoking fears of a prolonged economic crisis in the area with an unforeseeable end. What do you think? More...

Commuting on Rail to Work

Billions will be spent on high-speed rail from Orlando to downtown Tampa, who will be riding it every day?
What do you think?  More...

Home Sales Dive and Prices Drop

With prices not yet at bottom and sales falling many economists predict the housing crisis in Tampa Bay will get worse. What do you think? More...83 Degrees Tampa Magaizne Media



Special Guest Columnist
Robert TruBlows

Florida Governor is Consolidating Economic Power and Funding
Florida’s’ Economic Development strategy seems to have become one pf rapid consolidation of power and money away from local incompetent boobs and into the hands of evil Governor Scott and his collection of incompetent boobs in State government.

Jackboy Labs A Bad Deal for Sarasota
The initial celebration over Sarasota “winning”, really stealing, the biotech expansion of Maine based Jackboy Labs is fading and now faces a huge battle to convince the mean and evil-rail killer Gov. Scott to use $100 million of state funds to support the deal.

Why Does Raleigh-Durham Keep Beating Us in Economic Rankings
Five years ago the economic scorecard ranking Tampa Bay versus five other metro areas landed us in the number two spot, tied with Raleigh-Durham and behind Charlotte.

Sarasota Annoys Hillsborough Economic Development
Hillsborough lost out to Sarasota in the competitive game to lure Merchant Services Firm "High Risk Charge" planned 120,000 square foot facility.

Quickly Scott Reveals His Real Agenda
My Word, Governor Rick Scott has been sunshine Florida’s Governor a few weeks and he is well on his way to creating ore controversy then the last three good old boy Governors combined.

After Years of Trying Rail Fails
Evil Rick Scott has put a stake into the heart of the corrupt and bleeding heart of high speed rail in the sunshine state. Now all is left for the HSR is its death throes of whining, finger pointing, history rewriting and out right lies with heavy does of self-delusion.

Rail Defeat Hurts Super Region Cluster Plan
A tattered sign along a desolate stretch of I4 announces drivers are passing the “future downtown of Orlampa.”

Cluster Tampa Bay
A long time ago a young man pondering a job with the dynamic publicly traded company Data Tech in Clearwater called me to learn about Tampa Bay.

Insights from three veterans on Florida’s Economy
Troubled by the appearance of a devastated hopeless economy, shell shocked housing market, and huge unemployment, three brainy trendy and perky persons without any real business experience shed light on where the Florida economy is heading in 2011.

Can Florida Nurture Industrial Clusters into Economic Growth
As the world competition for jobs, especially living wage jobs, grows more cutthroat, can Florida keep up or even prosper?

A Tale of Two Clusters
St Pete’s economic development strategy has an odd and uninvited advocate, BP, courtesy of the worst oil spill in American history.

High On High Speed Rail
 A roundtable cabal of high speed rail supporters gathered this week at the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership offices to ponder strategies to get the deal complete in the face of voter rejection and loss of political support in Tallahassee.

High Speed Rail Afoot Without The State
Governors Rick Scott’s ill-advised, unapproved and down right unhip rejection of the idealist high speed rail stunned supporters of the project who feel entitled to whatever they want. 

Pessimists Persist
Admittedly it is no surprise that Leading Florida’s’ annual State Survey shows a majority of our residents believe the state is worse off this year.


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What Others Are Saying About 83 Degrees the New Media Sensation in Tampa Bay

Issue Media Group Bmore Pitches for Taxpayer Funding
Van Smith, City Paper, Jan 2010.

Praise, criticism meets launch of ‘good news’ site from 83 Degrees
Michael Hinman, Tampa Bay Business Journal, November 2009

New Tampa Bay publication goes online
Mitch Perry, Creative Loafing. November  2009

'Good news' site has credibility gap
Alexis Muellner, Tampa Bay Business Journal, November 2009.   

The dream of the Sunshine State is fast disappearing
Steve Otto, Tampa Tribune, October 2009

The dead end kids: Young, unemployed and facing tough future
Richard Wilner, New York Times, September 2009.  

For Florida, 'end of an era' of population growth
Haya El Nasser, USA Today, September 2009  

Florida's Property Taxes Go Wacky in Housing Slump
Tim Padgett, Time Magazine, June 2009

The Ponzi State
George Packer, The New Yorker, February 2009 

After Century of Growth Tide Turns in Florida
Damien Cave, New York Times, August 2009


News of the talent, innovation, diversity and economic development of Tampa Bay from 83 Degrees Magazine the media sensation of Tampa Bay.

Rays Studied for Financial Healing Powers
Mucus from the teary eyes of major league baseball’s Rays management may one day join the fight against wounds and infections.

27 Billionaires Call Florida Home
The annual Forbes list of the worlds billionaires is out with the usual jockeying of the super wealthy totally irrelevant to virtually all of humanity.

Reorg Turn County Plan and Growth Management into Developer Services
An internal memo announced the removal of the head of the Hillsborough county planning and growth management as part of its reorganization and repurposing.

Lowered Wages may Be The Norm For The Formerly Employed
A recent national study has forced me to admit what little jobs being created in Florida are low wage menial McJobs.

Florida Economy Rebranding Again
Faced with a dramatically obvious decline in the number of Americans moving to Florida, economic development propagandists are now promoting the sunshine state as a cluster of research and technology, not just a balmy happy place with a crippled economy.

Chamber Benchmarking Trip has Defectors Again
The Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership annual benchmarking trip left last week for Phoenix and already two participating companies have defected to Phoenix asking for economic refugee status...

With Nearly Half of Tampa’s Homes Underwater Hurricane Disappoints

83 Degrees Tampa Magaizne Media

Nearly half of all homes in Tampa are already underwater. The dire situation affects all neighborhoods regardless of status and wealth. Historical treasures have been lost such as the Centro Espanol de West Tampa and Mass Brothers Buildings.

At Danny’s Bar The Economy Looks Good

83 Degrees Tampa Magaizne Media

Despite ongoing economic pains, talk of a double dip recession and a jobless recovery with over 12% unemployment the economic situation drastically improves after the consumption of six beers.

Price Waterhouse Coopers Has Efficient Layoffs Perfected

After laying off his first 100 employees in a clumsy and uncoordinated effort PWC executive Larry Wilford here in Tampa hit a groove and found a fast pace and method to effortlessly layoff the remaining 400 employees.

Sponsored with economic development funneled from our political and social connections at the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership who hold no expectation of job performance upon us.



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