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2003 A Good Year Is Back

The S+P Case Shilller home price index reported that Tampa Bay home prices fell in Oct. 2009 15% from the previous October. Home prices fell to their lowest point in six years, matching the September of 2003 data.

University of South Tampa economics professor Dick Native is elated by the news.

“We are back to the future here, back to the good times. 2003 was a great year in Tampa Bay. We had jobs, people could get loans, and houses were selling like hotcakes and increasing in value. We are poised to relive the economic boom of 2003 all over again! Wohoo!” Public Relations Faith Dim of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership told 83 Degrees

“There is nothing but good news in this report; we are in fact in the middle of a robust economic recovery and rapid population growth with massive job creation. Everything is good, nothing to dwell on or to investigate about in the economy”.

Some citizens such as Ward Cleaver of Westchase said “These people at the chamber are delusional!” Professor of Psychology at the Pined College Nina Simone suggests that the

“Economic Developers of Tampa Bay are in a state of shock unable to process the reality washing over them. They can not comprehend or respond to the economic crisis so they deeply deny the event as a personal and professional psychological defense, as individuals and as institution. They need to be properly medicated and removed from access to public funding as soon as possible.”