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About 83 Degrees

83 Degrees is a satire news piece that sadly is very similar to most of the news printed in this town already. They don’t mean to be funny, they just want to be lock stepping lackeys of the power establishment and repeat anything they are told without any journalistic effort. Hence the establishment is able to say the dumbest things and have it treated seriously.

We will take on the mind polluters in Tampa Bay who spread lies and spin – the chambers, governments, economic developers and politicians.

By subverting and exposing the lunacy of what they do to beat them at their own PR game. We will ridicule and hold to public scrutiny their marketing strategies and lack of depth.

In the war of ideas the people of Tampa Bay have been loosing to a complacent media not holding the institutions to task. Enjoy and educate yourself with 83 degrees.

About the Tampa Liberation Front

Formed in 1840 when the spirit of Stephan Colbert appeared before local drunkard Che Tampa and instructed him to form the secret society of free thinkers who would one day rise up to oppose the oppressive oligarchy in Tampa Bay.

The holy warriors of this society are the Tampa Liberation Front dedicated to fighting an information war for the soul and sake of the Tampa Bay community. They fight the few for the sake of the many.