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Affordable Housing on the Rise
From 83 Degrees Magazine the new media of Tampa Bay.

Tampa and seven other dynamic progressive metro areas hit new highs in affordable housing at the end of 2010 promising a great new year full of opportunity.

New lows, record lows in home prices are happening now. Combined with continued record highs of empty homes for sale affordability can only increase in 2011.

“With these new numbers more analysts are calling for a doubling upswing in affordable prices” said David Sale of the Florida Economics Committee. “In fact most analysts expect the Tampa area home process to keep becoming more affordable through the first half of the year for certain.”

A national media outlet recently spotlighted these dramatic opportunities by featuring Tom Millie of Tampa who bought his three bedroom home for a $20 Starbucks gift card, a can of baked beans and an Ipod touch.

From 83 Degrees Magazine the new media of Tampa Bay.