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Answers for the Unemployed

The number of unemployed in Tampa Bay is ridiculous. For the sake of our community they all need to get out, leave and stop making us look bad.

Doing this on a large scale will quickly and easily lower our embarrassing unemployment numbers without requiring any real work on the part of our leaders and institutions. We can have a public parade to celebrate their leaving and our economic recovery at the same time.

Clearly the unemployed themselves are the problem. If they had jobs no one would be talking about them. These unemployed are making Tampa Bay look bad and they are expressing thoughts and doubts about the Tampa Bay economy and leadership.

These unemployed people are unacceptable to Don Ashton who owns the MSG Group LLC and is also of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership “The unemployed make us all look bad, they are always complaining about the economy. They should just move away. They do not like it here; we do not like having them here, so they should just go.”

Unemployed construction manager Mark Jensen has resided in Tampa Bay for twelve years and expressed outrage at this proposal. “These idiots in charge run our economy into the ground while I am paying my taxes every year so they can fund some group to blame me? Not one of our leaders is being held accountable? I just want to work and raise my family; can anyone help me do that?”

Indeed help is being offered, the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership will organize volunteers to help the unemployment pack up for moving. “We can help them go to Atlanta or wherever they are from to get jobs. Tampa is about the right people, and the bartenders and waiters who serve us anyway” retorts Don Ashton.