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At Danny’s Bar The Economy Looks Good

Despite ongoing economic pains, talk of a double dip recession and a jobless recovery with over 12% unemployment the economic situation drastically improves after the consumption of six beers.

“It’s not a prob…problem, gonna be fine” local unemployed Systems Analyst Peter Risco said confidently waving his bottle of Miller Lite for emphasis. “I’m a s..sss..smart guy. I got good handsome, smart, gonna git luck ssoon”

Rico said the economy will rebound once “those fricking fat employers stop mucking up, kiss ass and like, do, say to us, hey man you do good work, you’re an ass buster”.

“Us not working, we good people, we’ll get what we should. These are, us are good dudes, we built the city.” He said. “We are gonna be OK.”

Bar owner Dan Mcguill has seen many others issues solved by six beers. “Housing, prices, affordable healthcare, estimation of good looks and ability to drive home salfely all look fantastic after six beer” he notes.

Economist Peter Cushing of South Tampa University  evaluated this new theory first hand reporting back, once hammered, that “Sure, things sick but someday they’ll be ok. Can’t be bad forever. Hey, you know we are all guessing anyway, no one knows what realty. Man the waitress is hot.