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Best Places to Be Laid Off From

83 Degrees is looking for your input on the positive economic news. What is your pick for the top workplace to get laid off from in Tampa Bay? Cutting staff is never easy; help us identify who do it painlessly and with a smile.

We want your input and participation. Your votes, not our opinions, will decide who is published in our special report next year detailing your choices for the top companies to be laid off from.

We will inform you who is the best and why. A survey firm hired by our close friends at the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership will tally the votes and research the nominated companies.

New blood in the awards will shine because in this recession so many companies are laying off employees. This year a record number of Tampa Bay workers have lost their jobs and can offer us an overwhelming flow of feedback.

You are free to vote for any reason you feel makes your ex-employer the best: The severance, the real of pretend sympathy, the looks of the security guard who escorted you out, or the quickness at which they processed your COBRA coverage.

We have a slew of companies in the area laying off staff, more every day in fact. "This recession and visa and mastercard banking regulations coming from the federal government have hurt our hiring efforts", says Tom Smithers from HighRiskExperts.com. Doing these layoffs well comes with experience and with Tampa Bay in the lead of job loss we must have some real experts to spotlight in Tampa Bay.

We will not run down the list of who has laid off the most, this is not about us and we do not want to influence the survey. We want you to tell us about your good experiences at being laid off. Little or large, PR whores or little known companies, all have the same chance with your input driving the results.

No one but 83 Degrees is doing this topical survey. Sure, some are doing “Best Places to Work” surveys but who cares as they are not hiring! Who cares when huge amounts of people are unemployed and underemployed?

Show us why Tampa Bay is in the lead, show us how in Tampa Bay we do not just layoff more people but we do it better.