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Chamber Partnership Offers Mortgage Assistance Plan

With half the Tampa Bay area mortgages in negative equity “The effective and dynamic growth business model of the Florida economy needs just a little nudge right now” Vince McKay of the Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership told Florida Legislators, "We are even worse then New Jersey in Home Lending Rates".

 He proposed an immediate 15 million dollars in funding to the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership to quickly establish quantifiable aid assisting homeowners facing foreclosure. The key points are as follow:

  • A special fund to assist home owners purchase “For Sale” signs
  • Free dissemination of “Bank owned home” sings
  • Free disposable cameras to be given to homeowners to help them recall their foreclosed homes in the future.
  • Cost reduction assistance in the purchase of “Moving Signs”
  • Aggressive advertising of the many positive rentals newly on the market.