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Child Beggars Swarmed Tampa Bay Neighborhoods

Throngs of hungry children took to the streets begging for food openly and aggressively the last Saturday in October. Part protest and part cry for help the bay area unemployed went door to door asking for food using their children to evoke sympathy. Protestors appeared in costume to protect their identities as well as to attract attention.

Social worker Beth Purse says the protest was not surprising. “Unemployment, underemployment, homelessness are all rising to unprecedented levels. Such a protest is a natural thing and good for our community.” If this type of expression were not to happen the social and economic pressures would build to dangerous levels producing violence. Thins kind of a release serves to forestall larger social problems.”

Robert Dickhart of Hyde Park was upset these protestors were in his neighborhood. “I pay my taxes, I live in a pristine elite neighborhood. Poor people should not be seen or heard, especially in my neighborhood. Isn’t it bad enough we let poor people vote?”

The police department reported a peaceful protest without any criminal activity being reported. The widely dispersed crowds never posed a threat to public safety.