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Condos and Cranes Are Back Baby!

Condos are coming back to sunny Tampa Bay! 38 Million dollars of stimulus funding, meant for jobs creation, will get the Central Park Village condos back on tack, while 14 Million dollars will be steered to erect the Portland, an affordable housing project in downtown St Pete.

These condo projects will be a firm representation of stupidity, waste, and the refusal of Tampa Bay’s leadership to accept the new economic reality. They will rise, like giant middle fingers flicked to the sky and to the realities of the 21st century.

In Saint Petersburg millions of stimulus dollars meant for job creation and affordable housing will be poured into a stalled private development that will bring $200,000 condos to the over stocked market.

“How can we be funding affordable housing that is far above the average home price? How can we be adding inventory to the saturated and failing condo market with stimulus funds calling it economic development and jobs creation?” asked local blogger Ned Flanders. “Why are we not creating sustainable jobs, new employers by encouraging and nurturing business startups?”

Ken Hagen of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership countered this position.

“Condos are jobs, condos are the bread and butter of the Tampa Bay, it is our core business and while the housing sector lead the great recession we expect it will lead us to a fast recover, then repeat the process every several years.” Said Tom Ruiz from PRWest Condo Rentals.

Recently Ken met with state leaders to lobby the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership’s position to lower taxes and funding for food stamps and unemployment benefit to allocate the funding to the better us of assisting developers to build more condos.

“We need condos; we do not need the Unemployed and the poor”

Rumors have flown tat the Hillsborough County commission will seek federal job stimulus funding to return their plan of a 50 million dollar sports park in the middle of nowhere at the edge of the county limits. Most of the leadership in Tampa Bay is busy rebranding their long standing agendas as jobs programs in fact.

 Blogger Flanders remained indignant “all we are doing is changing the color of the lipstick on the pig. We have been lead off a cliff and they want to go faster.”