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Economic Clouds Have Silver Linings

The Mortgage rate has not been this low for 30 years, the population is growing both of which are increasing the need for housing.

Due to the temporary economic slump Tampa Bay experienced we do have a small excess of housing inventory on the market, which will quickly be consumed. Last year Hillsborough was the leading Florida County in growth, increasing its population by 6353 people. Each one of those people is here looking for a home to live in.

The economy is recovery now, population growth requires it. We have a supply of inexpensive housing, a large available construction workforce and a massive influx of population already entering our borders.

Naysayers do talk about double dip recession, but there is always a chicken-little looking to make political points by screaming the sky is falling. It is just political theatre for the elections. The real economists know that population growth is the cornerstone of the Florida economy and have already seen that growth.

These naysayers never were convincing that the slow down was even worthy of the word recession, they used it only for shock value. In truth our population grew for every year but one (2008) over the last several decades. This has been a small blip when viewed historically. The alarmists are using this small blip to spread fear and panic for their own gain.

The negative talk of our economy is based upon worries of high unemployment yet in truth that is our strength. We have the available labor to quickly react to the incoming rise of demand for housing.

The simple truth as evident by the facts is that the growth business model of Florida is sound and continuing to offer us economic rewards.

The sensible action now is to encourage the development of housing to meet the coming demand. We need to assist business by waiving impact fees, easing environmental regulations and to be a cooperative partner with the developers who are building the future of Florida.