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Economic Development Showcased

Ken Nogin of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership committee of 5 reported today “things are looking up definitely in Tampa Bay, our economic development efforts are bringing new businesses to Tampa Bay all the time”.

Ken cited the recent ribbon cutting at Jerry’s Elite Lemonade in Hyde Park. Entrepreneur Jeffrey Nogin, aged 7, is a product of Mitchell Elementary School with his kindergarten work at Holy Trinity. His love of lemonade started at the age of 4 and he always has had the firm commitment to break into the lemonade business, struggling to learn to write the word “lemonade” in school so he could launch his lemonade stand in his parents’ front yard.

Jeffery Nogin said of his venture “mommy makes the lemonade, I sell it and I am in business like daddy is!” While it is unclear how a 7 year old has been able to qualify for over $45,000 in city contracts and economic stimulus funding many have speculated that it is because his father Ken Nogin is the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership committee of 5 head.

“Directing tax payer money to small business is what I am all about, and my son Jeffrey has got to be the smallest businessman you will ever meet. He employs himself and his mom. He is creating jobs and a model for the future of Tampa Bay” said Ken Nogin.