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Economics Professor Just Doesn’t Get It

Economics professor Dr. Joe Dieppe of the prestigious Bastogne School of Business spoke with us regarding his Tampa Bay economic forecasting. Dr. Dieppe predicted 2008-09 more accurately then any one else so his thoughts are of particular interest. What follows is a question and answer session between 83 degrees and Dr. Dieppe

83 Degrees: So what is the good news for 2010?
Dr. Dieppe
: I am continuing to predict rising unemployment peaking at 15% without any meaningful reduction till 2011. In fact the unemployment rate will stay above 10% through 2012. Home sales and values will not improve more then marginally for the same time frame. My study also predicts continued population loss for the region.

83 Degrees: I see. Why do you hate Tampa Bay so much?
Dr. Dieppe: What? It is not a measure of emotional like or dislike but a scientific study of economic activity and trends. I am discussing scientifically from an objective point of view.

83 Degrees: You are just so negative, why do you have to be so negative?
Dr. Dieppe: Again it is not perspective but objective science. I have a strong record of accuracy in my forecasting and feel very confident in this study.

83 Degrees: Why don’t you move away then, since you hate Tampa Bay so much?
Dr. Dieppe: Uh, I do not even live here. Is there someone else I can speak with? This economic forecast is important for Tampa Bay economic development and tax plans, to the basic governance and needs of Tampa Bay. We have to discuss this information.

83 Degrees: You just don’t get it do you?
Dr. Dieppe: What? does that even mean? I have a doctorate in economics and twenty five years of forecasting expertise. I get it, this is my job. Why don’t we discuss the forecast and what we can do forearmed with this knowledge?

83 Degrees: You are not from here are here?
Dr. Dieppe: No and what does that have to do with anything? I am the educated experienced expert trying to have an intelligent conversation here!

83 Degrees: I was born here, and I will not stand for your hating on Tampa Bay, you hater.
Dr. Dieppe: There is no educating you people is there. I will leave now; you fools can swim in your own ignorance and decaying economy.

83 Degrees: Good riddance.