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Florida Needs Bernie Madoff

Florida is at a critical junction economically and socially. To preserve our economy and political culture we require strong leadership with specific skills. That man is obviously Bernie Madoff. He is the master of the “growth business model”, already has legal representation, is not afraid of court rooms or corruption and must be desperate to leave New York by now.

Gary Marmino, the esteemed history professor at the University of South Florida was quoted in the New Yorker (February 2009) saying “Florida, in some ways, resembles a modern ponzi scheme. Everything is fine for me if a thousand newcomers come tomorrow.” Our state revenue is dependant upon the real estate deals and sales taxes these new comers generate. Like a ponzi scheme we must keep growing else the entire operation fails and is exposed as a fraud. 

Bernie Madoff is uniquely qualified to run the ponzi scheme in Florida we call the “growth business model” He is better educated, more connected nationally and internationally, and vastly more experienced in our business model then any candidate either party has ever fielded for Florida Governor.

Yes he has been charged with a major crime and lacks moral fortitude. When has morality ever been a requirement for or a hindrance to a Florida politician? We are lucky he has been indicted as his Governance of Florida could be a community service part of his sentence.

Bernie Madoff is the only man qualified to return Florida to the path of growth and good times. Election of Madoff to the Governor’s office is the quickest and strongest move to preserve our long standing “growth business model”.

Without Madoff we would have to endure a long and difficult effort to produce fundamental change in our political and business culture. This change will take years leaving us economically and socially crippled during the process.

It is no longer enough to passively support and tolerate the status quo. We must fight to preserve our way of life, our political culture and the uniqueness of Florida. We need Bernie Madoff and we need him now.