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Florida Senator Finds How to Balance State Budget

Florida State Senator Bill Maxim (R-South Tampa) has a new untapped and growing tax revenue source so strong it will balance the state budget. “We must look for new revenue sources, which we have found now, to avoid drastic cuts to our pork barrel spending”.

 He has proposed a simple one dollar tax on the sale of all “Foreclosure” Home for Sale” and “Moving Signs” sold in the state. “With the housing and jobs situation leading to a massive increase on demand for these largely untaxed specialty products we would be lax in our duties if we were not to tax the sale of them” said the Senator. Local Congressman Phil Upman (R-South Tampa) agreed “ As republicans we know to tax our way out of recession.

 The Senator went on to explain. “ I do not know how to lead economic development. I don’t care about it because people, voters, do not understand those issues. My plan uses the total collapse of the Florida economy as the fuel source for our rejuvenation. This bypasses our leadership failures to create the solution from the very problem itself, leading to more cycles of boo and bust as we are already accustomed to. Now every foreclosure and person leaving the state will fuel the Florida economy.”