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Hit Hard More Foreclosure Aid Comes to Florida

The federal government bailed out the banks in 2008, now as those banks are foreclosing on a record number of homes in Florida federal aid is coming to assist in the purchase, demolition, and rehabilitation of abandoned homes. No plans yet exist to help the actual homeowners facing foreclosure.

 US Housing and Urban and Development wills spend $208 million dollars in Florida, part of a one billion dollar national program in its third round of funding. The general intent is to refurbished foreclosed properties and then sell or rent them, to maintain and improve neighborhood sidewalks, parks and community programs.

 “After helping the banks we want to help the developers. We can’t help the unemployed and the distressed homeowners, but we can use their tax dollars to assure their foreclosures are a neat and orderly even efficient process to the benefit of others” Said HUD Spokesman Susan Drifter.

 “The once proud, how owning, tax paying, working, middle class who have been economically devastated by the great recession is not a focus or concern of the federal spending or the state of Florida.” Said Ken Nogin of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership. “We generate revenue from condo sales as our tax base, so that is the only thing that matters. We must feed the beast of the Florida government bureaucracy right now.”