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Good News on Unemployment Numbers

Tampa Bay’s unemployment rate is climbing regularly and is now nearly 12% yet now we good news! Uganda and Somalia both have far worse unemployment then we do here in Tama Bay.

Senior Vice President of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership Ashley Ashton is elated at the news. “See, everyone has problems like this or even worse. Since others share the problem, it is not unique to us, so not really a problem for Tampa Bay. This proves we are doing well and do not need to address the issue at all. We have proven that 11 to 12 percent unemployment is not really a problem.”

Dave Waters, an unemployed teacher who has been seeking work for over two years said “What the hell does Uganda and Somalia have to do with us? Does anyone know how to better our job market or are even trying to do so?”

Ashley Ashton expressed her pity on this limited point of view “We are an international city because we have a port, so the fact that we are out performing Uganda and Somalia is relevant and great news.”