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Job Stimulus Report Recommendations  

The Greater Tampa bay Chambers’ Economic Stimulus task fore has issued recommendations for job creation initiatives in Tampa Bay.

Ken Hagen of the Chamber chaired the committee and summarized the report for 83 Degrees:

“First we need to increate funding for the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber immediately; we plan on hiring marketing staff to promote how great the job market is in Tampa Bay. We also want to hire over priced consultants, who are old friends of mine, to teach us to do social marketing so we can more effectively promote the great job market here.”

Ken went on to make recommendations to the area county and city governments evangelizing how important it is they “Continue fully funding the existing institutions and programs and not consider changing their game plans three years into this temporary glitch in the perfect Florida weather based economy.”

He aggressively wants these governments to fund as much marketing and branding as possible to deal with the problem head on by denying it.

The last and most passionate recommendation of the task force is that local and regional government and leadership should distract the citizens from economic issues with aggressive and loud gay bashing. “Gay bashing has kept this town from looking at economic issues before, it has kept us in power for many years. We should not ignore the tried and true methods just because they are old, they work.”