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More Privatization in St Pete Government

The recent privatization of the Baywalk sidewalk in Saint Petersburg has lead the city council to see and peruse further privatization at the city to make the government operate more efficiently.

The divisive sidewalk decision lead to an actual fist fight immediately following the vote. City Councilman Steve Bornhere found the behavior deplorable. His continuing work on budget shortfalls, and this privatization ran together like peanut butter and chocolate in a Recess Pieces commercial.

“We can use the privatization of property to control this kind of unruly behavior and shore up our budget ills in one easy swoop by privatizing city hall itself. The building them would only be accessible to those with an invitation. Protests and fistfights will be prevented.”

The idea while bold does have legal precedent with both Mayor Daley in Chicago as well as Governor Bush here in Florida. Many political pundits have expressed this as simply the next logical step in the Republican vision to privatize government services.

“Not only will we privatize the building but the entire city government will be privatized. Shares in the newly formed St Pete Incorporated will be sold on the open market giving full ownership, access and rights to any wealthy citizen who can afford it. This is the ultimate end game if our Republican goals” stated Councilman Bornhere.