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New Economic Advertisements to Bring Jobs

Tourists are hard to come by on the beaches these days, harder then finding a buyer for your house. Joe Wistfull and Kendra Rohms say they have noticed it. “There are rarely more then several people on the whole beach, and those are local. It is empty” they said.

General Manger of the Wigley Hotel Stan Samich says :”It dies quickly, the recession, the retail bankcard industry, the oil spill, now the tourists.” The Wigley has cut their hours and pay of all employees to avoid laying off staff.

“Now is the time to advertise that our beaches are open for business, time for a loud and clear message that sunshine and sane are available” said Samich.

The state’s advertising company Florida Tourist Trap, has changed gears to meet the new challenge. A statewide advertising campaign is airing that reads “85 tourists mean 1 minimum wage job, so invite your friends and family down here if you ever want a job again.”

With unemployment so very high here the new goal is jobs creation by advertising for tourism. Meg Tabidor of Florida Tourist Trap tells “Each person you invite makes a difference, 85 visitors well get the UST engineering graduate a job as a bartender. Plus you are doing my work for me, giving me time to vacation and stimulate the economy directly.”

Janet Jackson of the Tampa Bay Tourism Cabal agrees “Tourism is economic development made easy. Our beaches and sunshine are a revenue source for the government independent of the larger society of Florida, the tax payers and their wishes. The activity and needs of only a mall elite business cadre need be heard. We then can operate a lean government and economy based on inactivity. The beaches and sunshine need only public relations and condo developers to generate revenue. Florida then can be managed successfully in a stagnate hands-off manner as no other sector of the economy or population matters.

So please visit Florida, it is our only hope for survival.