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From 83 Degrees Magazine - Tampa Bay's new media sensation covering the talent, innovation, diversity and economic development of Tampa Bay from 83 Degrees in Tampa Bay.

Pro-rail forces launch fierce counterattacks

Opposition forces deny reports of talks with Scott camp

Forces loyal to High Speed Rail used Twitter, Facebook, protests, and chants again this week to mount a fierce counterattack on the Governor-held city of Tallahassee, according to witness reports.

By weeks end, the opposition's effort into the city had weakened considerably. A government spokesman claimed that Governor Scott loyalists had held the city, but residents said the area’s Starbucks’ have fallen into in rebel hands.

One witness, speaking to 83 Degrees Magazine by phone, said Governor Scott’s forces were roaming the city idly, ignoring for the most part the ineffective protestors.

A resident of a nearby town said people who have fled from Tallahassee say opposition forces were shelling insults into residential areas, with many socially ostracized and their pride wounded.

Tallahassee is the closest city in Florida to the regional outpost of civilization, Atlanta. The nearby town of Tampa was also said to be under siege by pro-high speed rail forces. Unconfirmed sources specify the pro-rail forces were hotly contesting control of South Tampa, the bottom half of the city.

Governors’ forces have upper hand

Reports emanating from several other areas of the State suggest that Governor Scott’s forces appear to have the momentum - at least for now

State Layers launched devastating strikes in the Supreme Court keeping up a counter-offensive to prevent the opposition from advancing toward Scott’s stronghold in the Governors Mansion. .

At least 56 people were socially injured, some of them seriously, in the unrest across Florida.

Florida state television broadcast pictures of captured protestors and reporting they had no understanding of the rail issue and were to be released to their parents, the BBCA’s Maggie Simpson reported.

NATO on Monday decided to boost surveillance flights over Florida, part of contingency planning for possible military intervention in Florida beyond humanitarian efforts. The State has been devastated in recent years by a succession of Hurricanes and tragic economic decisions. NATO relief flights have been ongoing for several years but have been halted due to the rise in fighting.

There were reports late Tuesday that pro-Scott forces had prevented thousands of refugees from going to Starbucks and from accessing Facebook though these reports are unconfirmed.

Meanwhile, another commercial plane has left Florida with dozens of refugees on board. Last year hundreds of thousands of economic refugees fled Florida. The rise is social unrest has only hastened the flow out of the State.

Government denies Scott ouster deal

The renewed offensives come amid conflicting reports about the short-term future of Scott. Opposition leaders gave differing accounts on whether they offered to overlook the Florida’s leader's alleged crimes if he cedes control of the State.

Sam Walls, leader of the Tampa Bay Economic Development Council, the political voice and financial supporter of the opposition, told Al-Jazeera Television early on Tuesday that Scott would not be prosecuted if he relinquished leadership.

"If he leaves Florida immediately, during 48 hours, and stops the oppressive bombardment of budget cut proposals, we as Floridians will step back from pursuing him for crimes," he told Al Jazeera.

But council spokesman Mindy Moore said there is no such deal and Scott would have to answer for his alleged crimes.

"So far there has not been any contact between the regime and the revolutionaries in any way," she told a news conference.

83 Degrees Magazines’ Arnie Aston, reporting from the capital of Tallahassee, said government officials there also played down reports of the deal.

"There seems to be an emboldened mood based in legal fact and election results in the pro-Scott camp," he said.

From 83 Degrees Magazine - Tampa Bay's new media sensation covering the talent, innovation, diversity and economic development of Tampa Bay from 83 Degrees in Tampa Bay.