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Roll Over for the Rays

The Rays baseball team continues unabated their public spectacle demanding a new waterfront stadium. Ice cream entrepreneur Will Schmidt is enthused about the plan “I want the same deal the Rays got for my business, a deal I feel is fair between any privately owned business and the city government.”

Schmidt is demanding the city finance the construction and maintenance of the retail facility for his new Blizzard Ice Cream Shop. He wants tax breaks on his business licensing and economic impact fees plus he wants the city and county government to promote his business aggressively.

At this modern stylish ice cream facility Schmidt’s business would be the sole business allowed to operate. He also demands thee city build parking for 50 cars only usable by his customers or to those he charges a fee. He has selected a waterfront location on a fragile environment for his shop.

“The Rays will get their sweetheart deal. The Bucs and the Glazers got an even better deal. I just expect my government to treat me the same as any other business.”

City official were not available for comment, nor were any personnel from the Rays.