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South of Kennedy Grows Rapidly

Today all of Saint Petersburg, Brandon, Sarasota, Bradenton, Naples were declared to be part of Tampa Bay and “South of Kennedy” by the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership who now claims themselves to be the sole Chamber for all business activity and economic development in these communities.

“Really most are just SOG (South of Gandy) but to start with, to be polite, we will call them SOK as we take over all funding for their economic development and business leadership in these areas” reported Dan Ashton of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership. “We have been gravely concerned about the lack of economic activity and government funding in our Tampa Bay area of responsibility. Either we had to widen or physical area or we had to work at economic development, we chose the easy way. Now we can say Tampa Bay’s economy is growing!”

Ken Nogin of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership said this was part of the existing plan to lay claim to Saint Petersburg that has been in development for years and progressing well. The rapid expansion of the plan happened when “Ashton looked at the map and saw all these communities were south of Kennedy Blvd., which is a great compliment and sense of pride to give them. Since they should be happy to be called south of Kennedy and there is no real definition of Tampa Bay we realized we could annex them via press release if the media would simply not fact check our story.”

We did not speak with the Saint Petersburg, Sarasota, or any of the other area Chamber’s in the affected communities as we, the media, never question our Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership and are quick to publish anything they say and do. It is assumed all chambers in the affected areas have shut down or have subjected themselves to the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership.

Don Ashton added “when we complete this annexation we will continue to annex everything from Orlando to Miami as part of Tampa Bay.”