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The Awards Awards

The expertise of Tampa Bay area’s leadership shines at award ceremonies. We produce awards in Tampa Bay, many awards for many people, happening year round for every conceivable reason.

Awards are a major strategic component for our strategy of repacking and re-branding the existing Tampa Bay to look like it is new and growing. These awards we mint so freely are thought to motivate and reward people for doing their basic jobs. Some say over saturation of awards retards activity, but we at 83 Degrees do not think so. We are proud to be the media sponsor of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership Award Awards!

These will not be the run of the mill awards. We plan to spotlight the leadership and innovation of the Tampa Bay awards mills by awarding the Greater Tampa Bay Partnership Awards Award to the most interesting and innovative awards.

Categories will include:
Most publicized award
Most prolific award
The new rising award award
Most repetitive award award.