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  Tampa Bay’s Fast Growing Population Segment

Tampa Bay is beating out all Florida metros in a key population segment ripe with economic opportunities for local business. The homeless population in Hillsborough County alone is over 10,000, greater then any other county in the entire state.

This large population of homeless will continue to grow with the rapid rise of foreclosures and the continued rise in unemployment. We are creating and attracting a large number of homeless, it is a unique strength and Tampa Bay is primed to capitalize on this growing population.  

Baby wipe retailers are expected to see a boom in sales. The cottage industry manufacturing shiv blades in Tampa Bay has already seen a huge surge in production orders. Backpack sales are also rising. Local retailers devoid of customers are rapidly seeing increased revenues from charging to use their bathrooms.

Ken Nogin of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership is certain this is proof of the versatility and vitality of the growth business model for Tampa Bay and no surprise to find Tampa Bay is in the lead. Our great weather, the eternal sunshine guarantees us continued growth and prosperity.