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The Future is Bring Planned Now

Looking to answer the key question of “Where will our funding of the future come from the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership, a regional partnership of business interests, has begun a collaborative strategic effort to identify and grow the next generation of PR and advertising that will secure their bureaucratic jobs.

“It’s about jobs, if we can conduct effective advertising to appear to care and be working on jobs then we can secure the steady funding the Chamber needs in the future” said Ken Nogin of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership.

The goal of this “Advertising for Economic Development Plan” is to propagandize and spin both the failure sand inactivity of Tampa Bay economic development activity while lobbying for public support of additional funding for the same.

“We can not afford to conduct economic development in a fragmented fashion but must work together in a cohesive front under the Grater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership to pool resources, to identify funding and to push propaganda for the new future” Said Vic Lowman Vice President of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership. “All policy and publicity needs to effectively safeguard the Chamber from accountability of performance.”

The pan begins with the discovery phase in which the Chamber overpays out of state consultant and local cronies to research what topics to pretend to care about, what buzz words to use, and the most effective way to fake participation in them. This should take up to a year and a half.

The second phase uses the insights found in phase one to plane the most effective action steps needed for effective propaganda to support the Chamber funding.