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Tampa Needs Greco as Mayor

Tampa needs the firm and experienced hand of Dick Greco at the helm every bit as much as he needs to be Mayor again. He alone in these turbulent times can preserve Tampa against the rising tides of threats and change. He alone is a man driven to need and succeed at the job.

Greco is known for strongly rooting out corruption in city hall. During his previous two administrations there were many incitements and convictions in city hall for a variety of crimes. Now we need such a firm hand to reassure the citizenry there is a zero tolerance policy for wrong doing, an administrator that both delivers and demands excellence in government.

The budget crisis and controversies at city hall right now call out for the documented experience of Dick Greco. His previous spending budgets were all closely examined by state and federal prosecutors and deemed to be both creative and air tight. Such outstanding work in the face of zealous scrutiny is the exact work we need in the face of declining tax revenues and rising obligations.

We are fortunate that Greco needs and wants the job as we would never be able to find such a capable man otherwise. We all know about that incident at the Harbour Island Athletic Club of which his wife illegally parked blocking the entrance and threw her coffee at the staff who suggested she move the car. As she assaulted the low wage employee she screamed “Do you know who I am!” Being the wife of the ex-mayor does not have the cachet she wants and needs. A loving and dutiful husband would be called back to serve as mayor for the good of his family.

Some do not share the faith in the cult of Greco. Ham Generic of New Tampa said Greco represented “antiquated solutions to the very new and different challenges of the 21st century”. Yet these types of people miss the point. Greco is the man to maintain and preserve Tampa in the face of adversity. He is the man to protect Tampa’s perfection from deterioration and change.