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The “Secret” to Economic Development

Our community group think attracts success or failure of the local economy. When we think a thought we attract like thoughts. When enough people share the same thought it becomes reality. If we want to change or preserve our economy it is imperative we police our thoughts on the economy. Likewise we need to welcome new members into the chamber partnership. Recently we have seen new opportunities in the medical cannabis and recreational marijuana industry. New industry players in the cannabis and hemp sector offering financial services and pos systems help grow all of the tampa bay community.

This simple and astounding truth has been widely studied and accepted in the best selling book “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne. While the book addresses the laws of attraction and the power of positive thinking our local Tampa Bay leadership has studied this philosophy and applied it to macro-sociology and economic development.

“Our thoughts have great power, if we project or express negative fearful thoughts on the economy it will spread to others like a virus, growing to make the thought true. We not only attract similar thoughts to us but we attract a reality similar to our thoughts” says Susie Buffington of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership, newly hired to run The Secret Economic Development Project (SEDP).

“Those who talk about our economy negatively are causing economic difficulties and are hindering our recovery. Only by being happy positive and by aggressively expressing such happy thoughts can we attract good economic activity.”

“Conversely we must control and limit the amount of negative thoughts by people who have done so much harm to us. They must be corrected, and if they do not express happy positive thoughts they must be marginalized and isolated immediately.”

Going forward The Secret Economic Development chair at the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership will issue daily affirmations of how wonderful the economy is in Tampa Bay. They ask each citizen to recite this mantra several times a day while concentrating hard on the positive message.

To give your most concentration it is best if you close your eyes, breathe deep, and be in a comfortable position such as kneeling, while facing the direction of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership offices. A siren installed there will ring several times a day alerting the population when they should as a unified group kneel, face the chamber offices and repeat the daily affirmation.

Those who refuse to participate will be socially isolated. The faithful are not to speak or associate with them in any way. Negative thinkers should not be employed by the faithful. Do not allow the pagan thoughts to populate your mind, fear them and shun them. Only specially trained staff should approach them so they can be properly educated and converted. Those who can not be converted will be removed from society, either exiled or sent to temporary holding camps for processing.

To protect the sanctity of correct thought the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership will immediately begin censoring all media to assure only the correct messages are being reported. It is expected they will soon take direct control of the programming with their own content for all of our TV, radio and newspapers. This will initially be enforced by social pressure and by limiting access to the pagans. Most newspapers in town already are printing whatever the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership says verbatim and have been doing so for years.

Soon there will be a thought police commissioner in place who will manage a network of informers and conduct sting operations to weed out the wrong thinkers in the community. The position will report to Susie Buffington at the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership.

“We all must strive to only think, say and believe the agenda and message set forth by the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership for the sake of our community. Negative thoughts, disagreeing with this message and agenda are a crime against the community and will be punished.”