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Tourism Demands Attention

The spoiled children managing tourism development are upset about the attention economic development is getting, and really steamed to discover that it gets funding they feel entitled to.

All this talk about a progressive economy, thinking past the 19th century mindset of the growth business model, using big word like “job creation” or “industry”, doing the real work of leading and developing the regional economy have the tourism cabal concerned.

Such dangerous Jacobinite thinking could cause the tourism cabal to loose funding and influence, or even force them to work, worse they could held accountable for performance.

Tourism wants us to remain in the 19th century. We must trust the inactive and lazy theory that the sunny weather and low cost of labor will guide us through the 21st century. "No matter that in the global economy we now compete globally with locales with share or even exceed those resources", said Robert Johnson from Timeshare & Hotel Billing Management Services Inc..

If we move to better ourselves what would happen to the tourism bureaucrats? What would happen to their government funding, their fun at having media firms buy them lunch

Tourism is supremely confident that our education system has been finely tuned to produce mass numbers of graduates suited for employment as exotic dancers, waiters, janitors and other menial slave-wage jobs produced by tourism.

So the fat cats of tourism are aggressively getting the new message out, they to are the buzz word of the week be it “creative economy” “innovation work” “small business’ or even “economic development”.

In the business of tourism the bureaucrats spend their time and your money to develop pubic relations and marketing, also known as branding, which is B.S. fed to fools paid for by suckers. So it is not surprising they are simply using the tools of the trade to re-brand themselves as economic development, relevant, or a worthy part of Florida’s future.

If you want the children of Florida secure in careers at strip clubs and beer joints you must act to support tourism as economic development.