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Unemployment Data shows Economy in Recovery

Another in spike in Tampa Bay unemployment, 12.6% in August, proves the local economy is in full recovery. It is common for unemployment to rise during recovery as discouraged jobseekers return to the search in better conditions.

“In the unmanaged boom to bust cycle of our local economy the rise in unemployment demonstrates a huge upswing is happening. If we are recovering from the worst economic conditions in a lifetime then we are heading to upwards into the largest economic boom” explained Sam South economics consultant to the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership.

From the perspective of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership our economic failures fuel economic success, they cycle upon each other. The financial Armageddon is Tampa Bay is building the basis for a record breaking economic upswing.

“We do not need data, logic, trends or anything scientific involving thought, we only need blind faith in the boom bust cycle of the Florida economy. The key to igniting the cycle is aggressive PR and marketing, the loyal cheerleading of our membership and willing allies in the media” said South.

“The economy is whatever we, the majority of people think of it. As the Chamber we are the elite leadership who are entitled to tell the rest of you what to think, The economy is strong because we say so and denying that is a hurtful evil act” told Ken Nogin of the Greater Tampa Bay Chamber Partnership.