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Where are Sunshine Paychecks Being Honored?

For decades Floridians have boasted “we pay in sunshine” to explain the low wages common in the state. This is the cornerstone of the trilogy of delusion we feed ourselves regarding our economy. Great weather, low cost of living and a growing population are the keys to our plans for success. This is what the New Yorker calls the “Florida Ponzi Scheme”

In the current economic times many Floridians, as many as 25%, have attempted to pay their mortgages and utilities with the sunshine. After stocking up huge reserves of sunshine Floridians expected to spend it on the necessities rather then their dwindling supply of hard currency.

Fran Brown of Clearwater has seen her pay and hours cut this year leading to tight financial strains. “I was shocked, angry, when I needed my dollars for food that my Florida Power company refused my payment in sunshine! All those years I was paid in sunshine and now my sunshine is useless!” Beth Carter who retired here 15 years ago on a fixed income says she is scared and depressed because “I can not eat sunshine”.

Seth Gordon of the Federal Reserve wants everyone to understand that sunshine is not legal tender “No matter what they told you when you were moving to Florida you were not given any pay in sunshine because that was never possible. Simply put you were duped.”