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What Do You Think? Home Sales Dive and Prices Drop

With prices not yet at bottom and sales falling many economists predict the housing crisis in Tampa Bay will get worse. What do you think?

 Stacy Mertle (Home Maker)

“My husband is a lawyer, we stopped paying the mortgage last tear and are dragging the process out in court to milk the system.”

 Nell Boxer (Accountant)

“Hah! I just bought a three bedroom house for only $80,000. and in only 15 years I can sell it for about that, even a small profit. No complaints here.”

 Lynn Powder (City Council)

"It is just an over blown meaningless blip in the ongoing economic recovery of the city’s core strengths, synergized and energized by our community assets mapped and primed for access to investors.”

 Raj Pravda (Restaurant Manager)

“Half the homes on my block are in foreclosure, this town is screwed.