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Commuting on Rail to Work

Billions will be spent on high-speed rail from Orlando to downtown Tampa, who will be riding it every day? What do you think?

Steve Singer (Accountant)

“I live in Brandon, the rail line will not come near me and I work in Westshore like most people. It won’t help me.”

Neal Cartman (Systems Analyst)

“I live in New Tampa and work in Feather Sound, the train will not help the majority of the population who live and work outside of I-4.”

Lou Penting (Attorney)

“Indeed yes I will take it every day! I look forward to a boiling hot Florida summer when I get to walk the blocks to work under the blazing tropical sun to smell up the office with my body odor.”  

George Mitchell (Unemployed)

“I have been out of work for over a year, me and a lot of my neighbors in Westchase. This rail one is not going to get me a job and it won’t be usable from my neighborhood. Does any one have a plan for jobs?”

Sam Terrot (Developer)

“Yes I will because the rail line is about jobs, consulting and PR jobs, we have already spent millions on the lobbying and advertising to get it passed.”