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What Do You Think? Opinions from the Street

Tampa Bay unemployment is up to 12.6% this month stoking fears of a prolonged economic crisis in the area with an unforeseeable end. What do you think?

 Holly Ginger (CC Sales Manager)

“Recession? But if you think that way bad things will come, you have to be positive and success will come.”

 Butch Zinger (Burger Technician)

Yeah, I got fired from Wendy’s but that was cause I peed n the frier not cause of the economy.”

 Dick Greppondo III  (Tampa Bay Chamber)

“There is no such thing as a recession or unemployment in Tampa Bay. Those are fairy tales told to scare children. It happens elsewhere but never here, never has and never will.”

 Stan Mitchen (Manufacturing Manager)

“I don’t care as it does not affect me. Sure we closed out Boston and Phoenix plans, but I work here in Tampa.”

 Sam Terrot (Developer)

“That is an interesting question. I heard something about it. But, excuse me; I need to talk to the County Commission about waving more impact fees and giving me some stimulus funding.”