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New Complaints Against Commissioner White

An undisclosed female employee in Commissioner White’s office has filed harassment a hostile workplace complaint against the commissioner this week. The document states she, as the only woman in the office not sexually harassed by White, was ostracized by her coworkers, ridiculed and her career harmed.

“By not harassing me my coworkers saw me as powerless, ineffective and unvalued no matter the quality of my work. They just saw me as a pudgy middle aged woman with no future or relevance.” said the filing.

Tuesday Kevin White issued a statement assuring citizens he had sexually harassed every woman in his office at least twice. The following morning he rescinded that statement and issued a new explanation saying that:

“…without a policy written by the county Human Resources department how could I know right from wrong? This is the failure of the County Attorney for not baby sitting me 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assure I am given constant guidance on ethics and morality as I am incapable of making such distinctions on m own.”

By Friday white had issued a third explanation, this time saying it was a simple mistake. He was confused as to who the woman worked for he said.

“Had I been aware she worked for m I would have equally aggressively harassed her as I do any woman on my staff, Should she give me the benefit of the doubt I will offer a do-over and harass e first thing Monday morning.”

Fellow county commissioners are already seeking an annual 1-2 million dollar legal defense fund for White in the new budget, an expense they expect to incur every year White remains in office.